The Problem

The entire television industry is primarily built on the long standing tradition of delivering interesting programming to attract an audience of home viewers, then advertising and promoting to that audience. However, with the low costs and advanced technology associated with modern televisions, it is very common to see multiple televisions installed in nearly every retail business.

The problem with traditional television programming is that the television shows on every channel are not created for a target audience consisting of a passive group of customers in a retail environment, and are consequently of little or no interest to retail customers when they are visiting your establishment.

Major sporting events are of course the exception to this rule, but those major sporting events having mass appeal occur probably less than 10% of the time your establishment is serving customers.  So 90% of the time your business is serving customers, all those televisions are doing nothing to attract the attention of your customers and are thus contributing very little value to your establishment.  Even worse, have you considered all those commercials sprinkled throughout all of that non-relevant programming?  They are advertising and promoting everything EXCEPT your establishment.  In fact, it could be suggested that the best value a television offers to your establishment, in the absence of interesting content, would be the electricity saved if the television were simply turned off.

Ideally, an establishment would be best served if it could display engaging content on its televisions; specifically, content that was relevant and unique to that establishment and that would truly capture the attention of customers.  If that attention could be captured, then not only are your customer’s being genuinely entertained, but you also have an opportunity to effectively advertise and promote to them…the same way television channels do in the home.  If only you had your own channel where you were in complete control to offer interesting content, advertisements, and promotions – all unique, relevant and customized to showcase your establishment.

‘myphotochannel’ is that channel.  The service provides an establishment its own television content stream enabling personalized and engaging programming along with fully customizable advertisements, promotions, and real time communications.  All content is completely under control of the owner/operator, including the display frequency of each content type, and the service is fully interactive with customers.  This gives the establishment an extremely powerful medium to entertain customers, promote its own products, specials, brands, upcoming events, etc., and gain real value from the televisions at all hours of operation.

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