The Solution

The myphotochannel service fuses television, social media, the insatiable interest and cultural influence photography has had since its invention, and the unprecedented reach and popularity digital photography has experienced from the mobile and cloud computing revolution; to offer many markets a new and exciting service to engage customers, advertise in-house, and increase revenue.

The myphotochannel service delivers a real-time interactive digital photo stream into any business.  By focusing on digital photos as the headline “program” for the channel – photos that customers have the ability to submit and display in real time – it keeps the content easily and quickly “refreshed” on a continuous basis and it offers universal appeal; or more bluntly, content customers are actually interested in watching.  Because customers can submit their own photos to the live channel stream, their attention stays on those TV’s to see their photos, and they are usually genuinely interested in all the other photos that have been submitted by other customers or other friends.

Why photos as the “headline program”?  Digital photos have become so permeated in our culture from a social perspective (every smartphone has a camera, smartphones have become ubiquitous across the population, and the digital photo features of those phones continue to be an innovative and leading feature on those phones), that the majority of your customers will immediately connect with the concept of displaying their photos on your high definition televisions…and everyone with a camera has the ability to participate in creating the program.

Consider the myriad “social” businesses that have flourished around this “mobile-photo-social” trend in our culture; allowing anyone with a smartphone to chronicle, via photos or text posts, their presence in nearly every establishment they visit.  Some examples of these social businesses include Facebook, Instagram, Snapfish, SnapChat, and FourSquare to name a few.  In short, the myphotochannel service provides customers their own live photostream allowing them to post their photos to public displaying  televisions in real time.

Multiple observation studies have proven that the televisions tuned to the myphotochannel service consistently draw more eyes and attention than any other TV in the establishment…and once you have their attention, you now have value.

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Customers WILL watch themselves and each other.