The Value

Customers will watch this channel; and once they are watching, you now have significant branding, promotional, and advertising influence to drive awareness towards whatever content suits your business strategy.

Additionally, the myphotochannel service enhances the overall atmosphere of the establishment in the following ways.

Customer interaction:  Customers like to have some level of engagement and/or participation in an establishment’s ambiance.  With the capability for customers to submit their own pictures and have them show up on the television almost instantaneously, customers truly have an interactive and contributory role to the ambiance of the establishment and it strengthens their viewing interest – which is a value for the customers and for the business.

Relationship Building:  Regular customers love seeing pictures of themselves and their friends on the televisions.  The customers that know they are on the television feel a stronger connection to the establishment – they are a part of the family.  New customers, after spending a few minutes watching the pictures, are usually more than eager to see themselves on the TV so they can “keep up” with the others.  The pictures truly provide a unique and effective method for building and retaining a broad base of recurring customers that see that establishment as “personalized for them” versus a “generic” establishment.  Additionally, the entire myphotochannel system is a very natural, interesting, and fun source of conversation among customers and between customers and staff, which builds relationships at multiple levels.

Establishment Promotion:  Once customer attention is genuinely attracted to the televisions, the owner/operator can use the system for branding efforts.  Randomly displaying the establishment’s logo(s), menu (if hospitality), product pictures, specific third party brand promotions, upcoming events, and real time messages; all reinforce the establishment’s overall brand within a more organic, appealing, and dynamic content stream that is anchoring their attention – customer photos.  The system truly offers you a powerful in-house advertising and real-time customer communication system that is super simple to manage and update, and is sure to capture the attention of your customers and raise awareness of your brand.

How it works…

A highly effective advertising and branding system