How it Works

The myphotochannel service, while simple to use, is a sophisticated media platform that can connect to one or more televisions in any given establishment through a single Internet connection and stream personalized content to all connected televisions.

The channel content stream is modeled just like traditional broadcast television by delivering a perpetual flow of two distinct content segments – program segments and commercial segments.  The program segments consist of the “non-promotional” photos (primarily people), and the commercial segments consist of the promotional images (products, brands, logos, text messages, informational content, etc.).

What makes the program content unique and attention getting, is that people are naturally drawn to photos of themselves and other people; and in this instance, those photos represent a chronicle of events inside the establishment currently being visited.  But more significantly, anyone can immediately take a photo with their phone, send it to the channel, and have that photo displayed in real time (and repeated) during the program segments.  This capability greatly enhances the attention patrons have in the channel.

The real power of the channel, once viewing attention is obtained, is the precise control it allows over both the program and commercial segments.

  • The duration of each segment can be custom configured (i.e. program segment = 20 images, and commercial segment = 10 images)
  • There are up to 5 available commercial segments that can each be configured independently to display different content within each commercial segment.  For example:
    • Commercial Segment 1 configuration -
      • display 3 brands, 5 products, 2 text messages
    • Commercial Segment 2 configuration -
      • display 10 brands
    • Commercial Segment 3 configuration -
      • display 1 text message, 4 informational, 2 brands, 3 products
    • Commercial Segment 4 configuration -
      • display 5 products
    • Commercial Segment 5 could be left unused in this example
  • At every commercial break, the channel will simply play one commercial segment configuration as configured, then move back to the program segment, then play the next commercial segment, then program segment, etc.  In the example above, after 4 commercial breaks, the 5th break would be back to playing the Commercial Segment 1.

Any change made to any channel setting, or the content within the channel, is automatically incorporated to the live stream in real time without interrupting the channel display.

The bottom line is that the system can be fine tuned for whatever display frequency is desired while still ensuring a balance between the interesting program content and the advertising commercial content, thus keeping viewers watching.  Viewers will lose attention if they feel they are watching nothing but advertising.  The myphotochannel service overcomes this through the granular control offered within each commercial segment and the subtlety associated with those segment transitions.

Finally, the entire administration of the channel settings and content (including approving customer generated photos), can be done from any iPhone or Android device anywhere in the world; and those actions taken from that device are applied in real time to the channel running inside the site under administration.

For a more detailed feature listing…click here.

The Program (customers can participate)
    The Commercials (you control)

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